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Pacific Daydream debuted at number 23 the Billboard 200, which made it the lowest debut performance for a Weezer studio album since their 1994 debut. It is also the band's first album since Pinkerton to fail to debut in the top 10. [35]

In an interview with Anthem Magazine earlier this year, Björn Synneby had this to say about Swedish music:  “The Swedish hype is very 2006. Bands like José González, Jens Lekman and El Perro Del Mar went around the world.” Don’t get the other half of the eternally sunny Gothenburg wrong he loves Swedish music (he was even a member of El Perro Del Mar), but he realizes that this resurgence of interest in all things Sweden is already becoming sadly passe. The electro-surf duo is rounded out by Daniel Högberg and they traffic in the floral sounds that Balearic groups, like Boat Club, Air France and Studio have reintroduced to another generation of listeners. The rebirthed genre’s link to the psychedelic grooves of 1960′s California surf music and neu-cool factor of Parisian dance (Daft Punk, Justice) and old disco music ( runs as a sleek antecedent to the more sparse and stark electronic beats that prevail in Stockholm-the home of The Knife and Zeigeist. (more…) Read next Wolf Alice on politics and success 19 December 2017 The Best Fifty Songs of 2017 Ranked 08 December 2017 The Great Escape Catch Up 2015 31 May 2015 Track By Track: Lull on their self-titled debut EP 22 June 2015 News

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George died last year at age 91, and his passage went largely unnoticed, save for a scant few guys like me and some relatives. But the coyotes and sage brush know he’s gone, and so do the tall pines, under which he sat and drank coffee from a tin cup. The red embers of his camp fires will miss him badly, but not as much as me.

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“You really have to weigh out the cost of a delivery crew and fuel versus trucking,” Follett says. A boat exceeding 16 feet wide or 15 feet high, depending upon the state, adds dollars fast. Boats might be shortened by removing a radar arch, hardtop or even flying bridge — Follett suggests having the same workers handle those jobs at both ends, so start with a yard and have it suggest a trucking company. Journey’s End is both. “Give us a list, and we can paint the bottom, wax it, make repairs and deliver it to Florida, ready for you to turn the key and go.”

Pacific! - ReveriesPacific! - ReveriesPacific! - ReveriesPacific! - Reveries